Portuguese Wines ready for a tasting

29. April – wine tasting Ericeira

Here we go with the second edition of the Salt Studio Wine Club with the Wine Tasting: Main Grapes in Portugal

Main Grapes in Portugal

In this second edition of the Salt Studio Wine Club it’s all about the native grapes of Portugal. Did you know that there are more than 250 native Grapes in this small country? Well, we will not taste all of them, but five. So that is a start!

5 varieties from 5 Regions

Traditionally – also because we have more than 250 native grape varieties – here in Portugal most wines are blended. That means, that in one bottle of wine you will find different varieties mixed. The reason to to that, is to have the advantage of each grape in one wine. But now: how do you know if you like a grape? Well, this will be more difficult in Portugal. In Portugal a main factor is the terroire, because the wine regions are so diverse! But on this Wine Tasting in April we will fully focus on the Grape varieties, which means we will drink wine, which is maybe not the most typical style from Portugal, but which will help you to learn about the grapes: we will taste 5 wines which are made with only one grape – so called mono castas. Each wine is made out of one of the main grapes. we will taste two white wines; one Alvarinho and one Fernão Pires. Then we will have a Rosé out of Castelão grapes. We will have a red wine with Touriga Nacional and one with Trincadeira.

What is included in the Wine Tasting?

🍷 We will taste 5 portuguese wines, coming directly from the vineyards
🧀 Some local bread, cheese and other snacks
💬 Infos about the Wines and the Producers

cost and details

🗓️ friday, 29th of April, 6-8 pm
💰 20€ to 25€ pp. (6 – 9 participants: 25€pp. / 10 – 15 participants: 20€pp.)
👥 perfect groupsize. min. 6 max. 15 people

Booking is open till three days prior to the event. Save your spot now, with the reservation fee of 10€.
Send me an Mail or a direct message on Instagram, to reserve your spot. Payment details will be sent to you in private.
Are you gonna join? 🤩

Find all the terms and conditions, all the upcoming dates and more Infos in this Blogpost.