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Wine tastings, Events and and Tours! Discover the wonderful world of portuguese wine. Come to one of my tastings in Ericeira (30 Min Drive from Lisbon, Portugal). Discover Wines from local Wine-Producers, and get a taste of Portugal!


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Come and join us in one of the Wine Tastings. the next event is just around the corner!

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I will be happy to put you in touch with my wine producers who will be pleased to give you a tour. Is there a better way to discover a Portugal?

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You would like to organise a Tasting for you Birthday, or with a group of friends? Don’t hesitate to contact me, to discuss the option which fits you.

Nora explains the Wines of Portugal

Wine with me - vinho comigo

Hi, I am Nora – A Wine enthusiast who would like to share my passion for wine with you.

With my Project “Vinho Comigo” (which means: Wine with me) I want to bring winemaker closer to the consumer, and tell the story behind the Product – in this case, the Wine. In my home, Ericeira, Portugal, I organise Tastings and Events to live my passion. Ready to explore?

wine tasting with local producers

I only work with small producers because it’s important to me to know how a wine is made, but also because I want to know the people and the stories behind it. I buy all the wines directly from the farm.

people working in the vineyards

What to expect

What is included in the Wine Tasting?

What will I learn at the event?

There are several ways of organising a Wine Tasting, and of course I can adapt the Event upon you wish.

A Sunset Wine Tasting With Vinho Comigo

10 people

5 wines

Best View

The Video is made by Forgotten Films – Fábio Rodrigues.

Play Video about Preview of a private tasting with VinhoComigo. Puring wine during the sunset

what people say about the wine tastings

Great experience and highly recommended! Nora prepared a great wine tasting for us with local food and 5 different local wines in a lovely spot by the beach. She has a vast knowledge and explained everything about wine, local producers and the production process. We had a lot of fun with her which made the wine tasting feel very personal. Thanks a lot for this amazing afternoon!
Super experience ! It was my first wine testing in Portugal and I really enjoyed it thanks to Nora ! I discovered new types of wines, Nora takes time to explain the story of each wines and producers she’s working with. The atmosphere is really nice, i recommend it for people who want to spend a lovely moment and who want to know more about local wines.
Super interesting! Nora is very knowledgeable and explains well how to savor and choose wine!
Amazing experience, I discovered many wines, meet sweet people, and Nora handle this experience perfectly. I recommend that wine testing to everyone who wants to spend a nice time while discovering the best locals wine

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Would you like to discover portuguese Wines? Let’s talk! Here in Ericeira, Lisbon, it’s the perfect place to doscover the treasures of Portugal. The Fishermens-Village Ericeira with its beautiful old town enchants! With the wide Atlantic coastline in front of you, I can’t imagine a better place to also get to know the culinary delights of Portugal. Visit a wine tasting with me. Contact me for details and bookings.


All upcoming events, wine tastings and wine tours, other related events are listed here. 

Do you have another Topic in mind, you’d like to know more about? Let me know and contact me, so I can organsie a Wine Tasting, that fits you.

1. September - blind tasting

It's all about playing aroung with our senses and explore different wine profiles and types with this event. According to what we taste we will try to answer the following questions: What's the price of the Wine? Is the Wine ages in Oak? What Region do you think the Wine is coming from? It should all be fun and easy going - it's all about training our senses and discover new flavoures and aromas


The price is per person, including all this:
  • Friday, 1st of September, 6:30-8:30 pm
  • 5 portuguese wines - directly from the farm
  • Some Snacks
  • Infos about Wine Aromas, Regions and aging process
  • perfect groupsize. min. 6 max. 11 people
  • Salt Studio – Co-working Space , Travessa do jogo da bola n.1, Ericeira, PT
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6. October - Wine Aromas (with scent parkour)

October's gonna be fun! This wine tasting is all about our senses. Or more precisely: our sense of smell! We will have a scent parkour to practice our smell in a playfull way: you will have to guess different aromas und smells with different excercises. Then we will try to find those aromas in the different wines we're gonna taste. Can you smell the differences? At this event, we will not only learn the basics about the scents in wine, but we will also train our nose.


price per person inlcudes the following:
  • Friday, 6th of October, 6:30-8:30 pm
  • 5 portuguese wines - directly from the farm
  • Some food, to pair with the different wines – from savoury to sweet
  • Infos about the Wines, the grapes and the Producers
  • perfect groupsize. min. 6 max. 11 people
  • Salt Studio – Co-working Space , Travessa do jogo da bola n.1, Ericeira, PT
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3. November - Cheese & Wine Pairing

A warning: after this tasting you won't be an expert on cheese and wine, the subject is simply too big to cover in one evening. BUT: we will learn the principles of the interplay between cheese and wine. What kind of cheese goes with what kind of wine? Because believe me: the right combination is a game changer if you are a cheese lover like me.This event is all about having fun and trying new things!


per person, including:
  • Friday, 3rd of November, 6:30-8:30 pm
  • 5 portuguese wines - directly from the farm
  • different cheese to pair with wine
  • Infos about the Wines, the grapes and the Producers
  • perfect groupsize. min. 6 max. 11 people
  • Salt Studio – Co-working Space , Travessa do jogo da bola n.1, Ericeira, PT
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Wine from Tejo, Lisboa, Dão, ...

Wine always has a history and a background. Learn more about it!

Working with the Producers

In order to be able to organise wine tastings of the highest possible quality, I am always on the lookout for new producers. The selection of producers I work with is based on my research. I want to see how the wines are produced, who is behind the product and what stories the people have to tell. For me, it is part of being able to understand a wine. The type of production, soil, terroir, climate, grapes – these are all factors that make up the character of the wine.
Since I started this project, I have already been able to experience a piece of Portuguese culture. I want to pass on this experience of wine.
The selection of wine producers takes time. Not only the search and tasting for a selection of wines for my events, but also the research. It’s not always so easy to get to producers – especially with the current situation where no big wine fairs can take place. So I am really happy that I have already found some good partners. If you want to learn more about the production of Portuguese wine, check out the next events and come by!

The Wine Blog

If you’re interested in Portuguese wine, or wine in general, check out my blog too. I write about grapes, producers, winemaking. Knowledge helps to understand. That is, the next time you taste a wine that you have already read something about, or where you know the grapes, it helps you to understand the wine better.

Are you interested in a specific topic? Then I am always open to suggestions for new blog posts. Contact me and I’ll see what I can write about it. 
For me, the knowledge of production is important to be able to understand a wine. I hope to inspire you with my content and to arouse your curiosity to try different, even new, wines.