Wine Tasting with wine wines

monthly wine tasting in ericeira

salt studio wine club

vinho comigo partnered up with the cowork space Salt Studio in Ericeira. Once a month we will have a tasting and build up our knowledge, taste different portuguese wines and especially gather wine lovers of the Ericeira area. we will taste sparkling wines, explore the region of Lisbon Wines, learn about the main grapes of Portugal or get an idea of what food we can pair with what wine. Curious? Let’s check what is waiting for you! Join the monthly based Wine Tastings in Salt Studio in Ericeira (40 Min. Drive from Lisbon Center)!

what is included in the wine tastings?

5 portuguese wines
Snacks like Bread, Cheese, Olives
Infos about the Producers and the Wines

Cost and groupsize

25€ pp. for 6 to 9 people
20€ pp. for 10 to 15 people

each month a different topic

Every month we will focus on a different theme. We will try to find some wine for everybodys taste and also learn some basics about tasting, wine production, portuguese grapes and so on. I only work with producers directly, so the wines are coming from the farm. Only on themes where I don’t have enough supply I will add some wines from different producers. make sure to save your spot of the favourite themes!

dates and topics

All editions of 2022 | 18 – 20 o’clock @Salt Studio, Ericeira

  • 25. March: Introduction: how to taste Wine
  • 29. April: main grapes in Portugal
  • 27. May: How to pair Food and Wine
  • 24. June: Lisbon Area – all Wines from within 1h drive from Ericeira
  • 22. July: All about sparkling wine
  • 26. August: Organic Wine, only a hype?
  • 30. September: Vinho Verde Region
  • 28. October: train your senses: can you name the smell?
  • 25. November: festive wines

sign up and terms and condition

sign up

Up to 3 days before the tasting. 2 days before the tasting you will be informed if it will take place (min 6 people requiered).

cancellation and payment

In case of cancellation up to 3 days before the event, you will get your money back. In case of a cancellation of the event on my part, you will be refunded the reservation costs. The rest of the cost is to pay on the Event (in Cash or mbway/paypal).
mbway: +351 920 513 475 | paypal: