Wine Tastings


about my wine tastings

2-14 Persons

The group size can range from 2 to 15 people. The price per person is adapted to the size of the group.

from 25 € / p.

For larger groups from 25 € per person. You find a detailled Pricing list at the bottom of the page.

your taste

I organise the wine tasting according to your wishes to suit your taste.

selected Wine

I work directly with smaller wine producers. All wines come directly from the Quintas.

public and private wine tastings

You can or book me for a Wine Tasting with your friends, family or company for a private wine tasting or you can check my public Tastings below (or click the Button on the right).

an Event to suit your taste!

Do you want to discover portuguese Wine? I’ll have your back!

You can book Wine Tastings with me – or as a private Group or on public Events (which I publish here), here in the beautiful Fishermen Village Ericeira, which is only a 40 Minutes drive from Lisbon! If you need a ride, let me know, and I can even organise a transfer for you, or send you the schedule of the public Buses. I would love to organsie a Wine tasting after your wishes! Let me know what kind of Wine you would like to try, or if you are interessted in a specific topic.

What is included in the Wine Tasting?

All Levels welcome!

I adapt the Tasting also to the level of the participants. So it doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner or if you already know a bit about wine. My wine tastings are organised in such a way that there is something for everyone – so it suits all Levels.

I look forward to welcoming you at the next wine tasting.

table with food and wine
bottles of wine

how to book?

If you are interested in a Private Wine tasting Event, please contact me. I live in Ericeira, but also the greater Lisbon Area would be possible.

Which Infos do I need to know?

in order to organise a Wine tasting I need the following Infos:

  • Group size
  • Topic: Standard or do you wish for something more specific? e.g.:
    • one specifis Grape, e.g. Touriga Nacional
    • Specific Region of Portugal, …
  • Only a wine tasting, or also something to eat?
  • At your home or do I organise the venue?
  • Which dates would work?
  • What language do you prefer? English or German?

It is best to contact me by e-mail, phone or via contact Form with these details and I will make you an offer. The Price Range you see on the right hand side is for a standard Tasting.

Please note: Early booking helps to organise the tasting according to your wishes (2 weeks before the date). I always try to accommodate spontaneous bookings, but it may not work out.


The Pricing depends always on what you would like to have included. But to give you a reference about my prices, and what more or less you can expect, here a pricing List:

price for a standard wine tasting

The standard Wine Tasting in the Region around Ericeira, Mafra, includes 5 typical portuguese Wines, some local food like Bread, Cheese, Sausage and Olives, and Infos about the Producers and Wines. The Pricing for this standard Tasting is the followong:

  • Groupsize 2-3 Persons: 45 € / Person
  • Groupsize 4-5 Persons: 35 € / Person
  • Groupsize 6-9 Persons: 30 € / Person
  • Groupsize 10-14 Persons: 25 € / Person

Depending on the Location I might have to add something on the Price: If I have to organise and rent a venue this will be charged on top. Also for more exclusive tastings the price will change. I can e.g. prepare Tastings with more advanced Wines (Reservas, Escolhas, ..) or only organic Wines. Contact me for more Details.

Upcoming Tastings / Events

In this Year I am happy to present to you again the Salt Studio Wine tastings, happening every first Friday in the month, at Salt Studio Ericeira. From time to time I will also have other events coming up, so stay tuned to check them. If you want more infos about the upcoming Events, you can fint them on my Homepage here.

Event flyer with a glass of wine, shwoing all the dates of the upcoming events.

Wine Tastings with Nora

Wine with me – Vinho Comigo. I do everything I can to make your event everything you imagined it to be. I have several years of experience in the wine business. I worked in my father’s wine shop for over 10 years, where I gained valuable experience. For the last 5 years I have been organising wine tastings for groups. Here in Portugal I work directly with the producers, which gives me the advantage of having all the information first hand. The wines we taste are difficult to find in the supermarket – They are selected by me because of their high quality.

Do you want to find out which is your favourite wine? Book a tasting with me – I look forward to seeing you in Ericeira, Portugal!

Woman talking about Wine at a Wine Tasting