A Few Words

About Vinho Comigo


Nice to meet you

Hi, my Name is Nora.

My first vineyard visit was with 17 years old, in Toscany. The fascination with wine has not diminished since then. I like to drink good wine, but most importantly: share a good time. What prompted me to organise wine tastings is that I have increasingly noticed that friends (especially women), in a bit younger age, do not always feel comfortable talking about wine in company. In a restaurant for example I often hear: “I don’t know nothing about wine. Someone else should decide what we will drink”. And I want to change that.

My Passion for Wine

My goal is, to get you feel confortable with the topic of wine, because it shouldn’t be treated as something elitist. Knowing only some basics about wine will help you to be more curious, which results in you getting to know your own taste. And that’s what matters. With my Winetastings and Winetours you will explore more different kind of Wines, and also learn basics about wineproduction or tasting a wine.

It’s my passion, to share and learn from each other. I believe that we can all learn from each other and we are all wine connoisseurs if we approach this with an open mind.

The story behind the wine

One other passion of mine is to explore local and authentic food, traditions and goods. Not only because I am curious about it, but also for sustainable reasons. That’s why one goal of mine is to bring the producers closer to the consumer, and tell the stories behind the products, in this case the wine. Wine has such a long and interesting culture. For me it’s important to know where the wine is coming from and how it’s been produced. That’s why I know the producers I work with, I visited the wineyards and listened to their stories, felt the passion about their wines and that makes all the differance!

let’s taste wine together

So if you are keen to learn how to taste a wine, and how to trust your taste, learn about the main grapes in Portugal, and how they produce wonderful wines in this beautiful country, than I am happy to help you 🙂 My goal and my focus of events is to share some basic wine knowledge, and to approach wine in a very easy-going way.

But best is, to join one of my tastings, and expercience it yourself. This said I only can add:  I am looking forward to meet you!

To appreciate a good wine for me means also to see who, how and where the Wine is produced. What is the Story behind it? I am looking forward to tell you this Story.

About me
Tejo vineyard Wine our Portugal

The Wine Producers I work with

I work with selected producers. It is important for me to know what’s behind the wine and vineyards. I am therefore always pleased when I meet the producers personally and visit the fields and vineyards where the grapes grow, see the halls where the wine is stored.

I work with producers who are in line with my values: to keep the envirement, the soil healthy, the people, nature. I work with producers with organic productions, sustainable farming and integrated production system in which the use of chemicals is minimal.

Currently I work with four producers, producing in 5 Regions.

Meet the Producers..

Casa de Cello

Casa de Cello is a contact I am really happy about. The family business in the 4th generations produces Wine on 20ha in the Dão Region, in the Quinta de Vegia, as well as in Amarante, which lies between Minho and Douro. There their Quinta de Sanjoanne produces White Wines on 14 ha. The Production is all sustainable, which means that they produce in harmony with nature. The different grapes are processed and tested individually to get the best result from the grapes every year. The result: Fantastic wines!

My favourite Wine of Casa de Cello is the white Wine Quinta de Sanjoanne Superior 2015  – so elegant and fresh. What a Wine!

Vineyards with two women in casa de cello

Quinta da Ribeirinha

When I visited Quinta da Ribeirinha, the Rui and Mariana siblings welcomed me. The family business, which is located very close to Santarém, is dedicated to wine in the third generation, with the aim of producing typical wines with a good price-performance ratio. Mainly Portuguese vines are used, but also some international ones, such as a Gewürztraminer! They produce a great variety so that everyone can find a suitable wine. With the main line “Vale dos Lobos” they supported the breeding of wolves in Portugal.

My favourite Wine of Quinta da Ribeirinha is the Vinho Espumante Rosé Bruto – a perfect Summer Wine!

wine produer showroom of quinta da Ribeirinha


The visit of Alveirão in the small village of Chicharo was special for me: an immersion into the culture of Portugal! Since the XIX century, wine has been grown on the terroir of Alverião – and always organically, with respect for human and nature. The five brothers produce wines that are a pleasure to share – at the dinner table or for pleasure. On the steep, white, Limestone slopes grow Grapes so dense and tastefull – you don’t want to miss this! What you taste is the terroire, the climate and nature at its best!

Maximus Grande Escolha Trincadeira, grown on 0,85 ha, elegant, complex, and fullbodied – my favourite Wine from Alveirão!


It was important to me to have a local producer in the range. I have already drunk Manz Wines in restaurants – and found them excellent. The slogan of the Owner André Manz is “I do not want to produce a lot of wine, what I want is to produce good wine” which fits well to what they produce in the small villge of Cheleiros. The land where high-quality wines are produced today was overgrown in the meantime until Manz bought it up to live his passion there. 

of the Manz wine selection, I like the “lisboa” best – because it’s just really good! And so far I haven’t found anyone who doesn’t like it.

Waves & Wine: Why it all began

I fall in love with Portugal in 2018, especially with this small Fisherman Town Ericeira. After many short and long stays in this beautiful country, I decided that 2020 should be different – and I moved to the sea. The Surf,  people, nature, portuguese food and wine have done it to me 🙂

When it all began

But the joy of wine goes back a few years. When I was 16, I was allowed to visit wine producers in Italy with my father, because the wine business that my father runs in Frauenfeld (CH) imports the wines directly from producers. Many autochthonous wines, mostly from small producers in Italy, Spain and Portugal, are available at giardino del vino. During University I often helped out in the shop and was able to expand my knowledge of wine. As a hobby, I then started organising wine tastings for friends, or friends of friends, small and larger groups.

Wine Tastings in my new Home Portugal

Living in this beautiful, wine-rich country Portugal, I want to continue this passion and offer tastings in my new home. The focus is always on fun: for me, it’s about awakening curiosity and introducing people to the joy of drinking and exploring wine. There is no right or wrong when it comes to taste. It’s all about engaging your senses and immersing yourself in the wonderful world of portuguese wine.

I look forward to hearing from you, reading from you and welcoming you to my events!