Wine Tasting and food for a group

25. March – Wine Tasting ericeira

Salt Studio Wine Club: Introduction to Wine Tasting

I am so excited to announce that we start a monthly based wine club 🙌 I partnered up with the beautiful Co-working space Salt Studio to gather all the wine lovers from the area.

What will we learn?

Well in this first edition of the Salt Studio Wine Club it’s all about the basics.

Again and again we find ourselves in situations where we have to decide which wine to order for dinner, or which wine in the supermarket is worth the money. Well, I can’t guarantee that we’ll never make a mistake again, but we can learn what factors matter in finding a wine to YOUR taste. The first thing is to drink wine more consciously. You will learn the basic knowledge of how to evaluate a wine at this wine tasting.

For this Tasting we will follow this questions

  • How do you taste a wine?
  • What are the most common flavoures in a wine?
  • How can we speak about wine?
  • How do I learn what Wine I like?

What is included in the Wine Tasting?

  • 🍷 We will taste 5 portuguese wines, coming directly from the vineyards
  • 🧀 Some local bread, cheese and other snacks
  • 💬 Infos about the Wines and the Producers

cost and details

🗓️ friday, 25th of march, 6-8 pm
💰 20€ to 25€ pp. (6 – 9 participants: 25€pp. / 10 – 15 participants: 20€pp.)
👥 perfect groupsize. min. 6 max. 15 people

Booking is open till three days prior to the event. Save your spot now, with the reservation fee of 10€.
Send me an Mail or a direct message on Instagram, to reserve your spot. Payment details will be sent to you in private.
Are you gonna join? 🤩

Find all the terms and conditions, all the upcoming dates and more Infos in this Blogpost.