women smells on a glass of red wine

7. April – Wine Aroma Tasting

We’ll meet again in Salt Studio Co-work space Ericeira, Portugal, to have a fun Wine Evening! This time it’s all about our senses. Or more precisely: our sense of smell! We smell all the time and the nose is an important tool for us to perceive our surroundings. In wine tasting, it also comes into focus as we try to classify the different aromas in the wine. With a little practice, we can do this better!
That’s why we practise!

At this event, we will not only learn the basics about the scents in wine, but we will also train our nose. With a scent parkour, we will practise naming smells and then later finding them in the wines.

what is included in the wine tasting?

👃 we train our nose end scent with a Aroma Parkour before we start tasting
🍷 We will taste 5 wines from different regions, coming directly from the vineyards / the Region
🧀 Some food, to pair with the different wines
💬 Infos about the Wines, the Region, the grapes and the Producers. The valuation sheet guides you through the tasting.

🗓️ friday, 7th of April, 6.30-8.30 pm
💰 25€ pp.
👥 perfect groupsize. min. 6 max. 12 people
📍 Salt Studio – Co-working Space , Travessa do jogo da bola n.1, Ericeira, PT

Booking is open till three days prior to the event. Save your spot now, with the reservation fee of 10€.
Send me an Mail or message through the contactform. Payment details will be sent to you in private.