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26. August – Ericeira Wine Tasting

The next wine tasting Event in Ericeira is coming coon!

Organic Wine, only a hype?

I am often asked if and what exactly the difference is between organic wine and conventional cultivation. Does the wine taste better when it is organic? Is it then no longer allowed to be sprayed? I explain the background of organic wine. We also hear what the producers I work with have to say about it.
We look at the different labels, how we can tell how the wine was produced, and also what it means when a wine is vegan.
I work with different producers and they all have their standards that they can stand behind. For me, it is always important to know how the wine is produced when I present products at tastings. However, not all of them are organic by a long shot.
At this tasting, however, we will focus on organic wine.

For this Edition I partnered up with a Terroir – BioWines & Spirits. It’s an online shop, dedicated to organic and sustainable wines, The owners are located here, in Ericeira. For the participants of my tasting you will get a voucher for a discount to purchase Wine through their shop!

Terroir Wine Shop

What is included in the Wine Tasting?

🍷 We will taste 5 organic portuguese wines, coming directly from the vineyards or our partner Terroir Wines
🧀 Some food, to pair with the different wines – from savoury to sweet
💬 Infos about the Wines, the grapes and the Producers and their philosophy about organic production
cost and details

🗓️ friday, 26. august, 6.30-8.30 pm
💰 25€ pp.
👥 perfect groupsize. min. 6 max. 12 people
📍 Salt Studio – Co-working Space , Travessa do jogo da bola n.1, Ericeira, PT

Booking is open till three days prior to the event. Save your spot now, with the reservation fee of 10€.
Send me an Mail or contactform. Payment details will be sent to you in private.